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From being able to send funds via only beneficiary's phone number to better scheduled savings


Call it Ajo or Isusu but we are more concerned about helping you collaboratively save with everyone on your contact


From Tech to Entertainment to teaching jobs, we got you covered


What better way to read news than through a well rendered interface with just summaries you need?

Why Remedy?

Grants for Businesses

Could anything be better than money to start your business when you really need it? That’s what a grant could do for your startup. We provide business grants to small businesses and help with their progress .

Scholarships for Students

Don't miss important scholarship announcements and other vital educations news anymore. Remedy serves as a one-stop for student seeking scholarships and internships .

Win Virtual Credits

At Remedy, we run virtual a financial system where any and every activity in the app translates into virtual credits. With these virtual credits, you can pay for services provided in the app.

Really awesome
User Experience

Built by the best of engineering and design teams, the user experience is mad! But we are not there yet and so we are open to every and any feedback from our users with which we will continually and quickly push updates just for you all.

Remedy is currently only available on Android

We are working hard to get it on App Store as soon as possible.

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